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To accommodate your request for Return/Refund, please ensure that your request matches these conditions:

1. Within the Return/Refund time frame

          7 days from the delivery date.

2. Valid Return/Refund request

          Raised within 7 days from the delivered date.

3. Conditions of returns

          If a single item, must be in good condition.

          If multiple items, all must be in good condition. Damaged items will not be accepted for return.


Official receipts must be presented for cancellation, and must be re-attached to the book/s to be returned. A new Official Receipt will be issued, with the corrected amount due. In cases where there is no change in total amount paid, original receipt may be re-attached upon delivery of the new book.

4. Return Shipping Costs

          Return to HG shipping costs will be shouldered by Parent.

5. Return to LP

          The return/refund request supported by photos and video of book/s for return will be evaluated by HG.

          After submission of a return request, you can send back the book/s only after approval from our Family Support Team.

          Only approved returns shall be received. Returns may be rejected when the request is non-compliant with our policies.

          Returned books will go through a second quality check on our office before a refund can be processed. Books with visible damage/s will                automatically be rejected and advised for return to Parent, of which shipping fees will be shouldered by Parent. Failure to have the book/s              picked up within 7 days from return to RO will no longer be entertained.

6. Valid reasons

          Please take note of the following valid reasons for return/refund requests:

          1. Damaged book/package

A. For items that are physically damaged, please upload photos and/or videos that clearly show the following examples of damage:

- Scratches

- Torn parts

- Stained parts

B. For items with damaged packaging, please upload photos and/or videos that clearly show:

- Unwrapped or opened box

- Severely crushed or dented box

- Ripped box tops

- Water damage on box

- Holes or tears

- Non-original or repacked box

          2. Book does not match description or pictures

          3. Received wrong item

          4. Incomplete or Missing item

7. Refund only request

          1. Package not received

          2. Empty package

8. Invalid refund/return reasons

          1. Change of mind

          2. Change of Program

          3. Disappointment with the book/s.

          4. Incorrect/mistakenly ordered book

9. Refund Processing and Time Frame

          We will process your refund within 60 banking days from the date your request is confirmed via Bank Transfer.

10. Refund Value

         15% Processing Fee will be deducted from your total refund amount.