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What on Earth Can I Do? Textbook

What on Earth Can I Do? Textbook

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The fourth book in the What We Believe series helps children understand what it means to be a good and faithful servant of God (Matthew 25:23). This study will help them choose to put God first in every area of their lives based on these biblical truths: God owns all things because He created and sustains all things; He has entrusted me with certain gifts and wants me to use these gifts for His glory; I honor God by using my money and possessions wisely; I glorify Him by investing my time and talents wisely; my body is not my own but has been bought at a price; God expects me to care for His creation; God will reward me for my faithfulness.

  • src=// Appeals to Visual Learners (high)
  • src=// Appeals to Auditory Learners (medium)
  • src=// Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (high)
  • src=// Low Preparation Time
  • src=// With Tests & Answer Keys
  • src=// For Multi-level Use

locally printed with permission

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