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The Whipping Boy - Study Guide - Learning Plus PH

The Whipping Boy - Study Guide

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The Whipping Boy
by Sid Fleischman

Jemmy dreams of returning to the streets, away from the castle and Prince Brat, but when the two boys are held hostage by notorious outlaws, they must trust each other. . .or else!

Novel Study Highlights (7 units)
Spelling-Vocabulary: Difficult
Grammar/Writing: Adverbs, adjectives
Biblical Focus: Obedience, avoiding evil

Related Studies: Kings, kingdoms, castles, social issues

Notes: This “rollicking adventure” is better written than most literature at this level. We are treated to similes and metaphors masterfully woven into the action.  Perfect for multilevel use. 

  •  Medium Preparation Time
  •  With Tests & Answer Keys
  •  For Multi-level Use

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