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The Mystery of History Volume 3 Set (TB & Companion Guide Paperback)

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The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations
The Mystery of History Volume III offers a deep and meaningful study of world history from the viewpoint of a Christian author. Spanning the Renaissance, the Reformation, world exploration, and some early American history, this exciting volume explores the backdrop to and significance of time-honored contributions found in art, music, literature, science, and philosophy of this rich era from 1455 to 1707. Students will be introduced to famous characters and world changers such as Ivan the Great, Henry VIII, Jeanne DAlbret, Francis Bacon, Pocahontas, Galileo, Kang-hsi, and many more. Though the reading level of this text is suitable for the average 7th-8th grader, this volume can serve as a Renaissance/Reformation study for any age with modification (and some screening for Younger Students.)

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