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The Giant Leaf - Learning Plus PH

The Giant Leaf

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A young fox named Kendu dreams each night of a giant leaf. While he's dreaming, Kendu feels something that is sorely lacking from his life: freedom. When an opportunity for escape from his oppressors presents itself, Kendu summons up all his courage and ventures out into the blackness of the Wilds, despite warnings that a fearsome beast known as the Animal Eater resides there. With his two newfound friends-a rambunctious monkey named Yitzhak, and Odelia, a plucky koala bear-Kendu is determined to find the giant leaf from his dream, and with it, a life full of promise and hope.


Author Davy Liu is a celebrated artist in the United States, China, and around the world. His artistic talent is most known for works he completed at Walt Disney Feature Animation, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, and The Lion King. He also worked for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic and for Warner Bros. Feature Animation. Davy founded Kendu Films in 2004 and has subsequently published the Invisible Tails series of picture books, namely “The Giant Leaf”,“Fire Fish”, “Jordan’s Guest”,“The Royal Feast”and “Enchanted Tree”. Davy is also a dynamic speaker in North American and in Asia where he talks about creativity and pursuing your dreams. His biography was published in July of 2013 by Business Weekly in Taiwan.

About Kendu Films:

Our passion is to produce wholesome family content with excellence in the visual arts so that our generation may understand the transcendent moral values of a story well told, resulting in timeless inspiration and the affirmation of each individual.

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