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Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Package - Level B

Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Package - Level B

  • ₱9,500.00

Students do not like to write…WHY? They do not know WHAT to write about. Institute for Excellence in Writing doesn’t expect students to figure out what to write about. Instead, they teach students how to improve their writing skills. Too many writing programs spend precious time brainstorming writing topics instead of teaching HOW to write. When you use Excellence in Writing, you will spend time teaching your students HOW TO WRITE, instead of so much time on what to write about. Read the review below. Teaching Writing: Structure & Style includes a workbook that provides notes, charts, checklists and other material to teach all 9 writing units. On the Teaching Writing DVDs, you will watch Andrew Pudewa (founder of IEW Writing ) as he shares with moms and teachers how to teach each of the nine units and all of the stylistic techniques. There is also an extra DVD with “Tips & Tricks” to help make you a better writing teacher. The Student Writing Intensive is a ten-hour (4-day) seminar for the student. That’s right, it’s for your student to watch and follow Andrew’s instructions. Your student will learn how to write from keyword outlines, how to outline their writings according to their assignment and how to improve their writing style…all at their own age level.

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