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Sibs Communication Arts Series (SCAS): The Global Village 10 Set (TB, TM)

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Offers well-designed lessons each beginning with a literary selection-a story, a poem, an essay, or a play, or a cartoon which serves as a springboard for activities that seek to enhance the English competencies set by the Department of Education Promotes effective communication skills by using operational and interactive exercises classified into four groups, namely, (1) listening and speaking, (2) language and grammar, (3) reading and literary appreciation, and (4) writing and spelling Lines up choice literary selections that are sure to pique and satisfy Filipino teenagers' interest Provides student-centered activities specially crafted to set the communication skills into practice and allow skills mastery Affords students ease in the give-and-take of formal and informal speeches in English and the capacity to read and write in the language with skill and confidence Follows the P4 Paradigm (Preparation-Presentation-Practice-Performance)