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Reading and Writing (Printed Textbook)

Reading and Writing (Printed Textbook)

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Understanding English, especially through developing the essential skills of reading and writing, can only happen effectively if we begin where the students are.

This textbook is built on that premise -- the goal of valuable language learning can only be reached if students are able to appreciate and apply their language use to relevant and real situations.

This textbook aims to guide students and teachers through an enjoyable journey of learning English, with a special focus on reading and writing skills for a variety of significant purposes.

This study skills and process-oriented textbook serves a bridge connecting students and teachers to English by using content and language that is familiar and engaging, yet challenging.

The reading selections taken from a wide range of fields, writing outputs, and other activities are relevant to their experiences as young, 21st-century Filipino learners.

It encourages them to explore different contexts and strategies for reading and writing, especially maximizing their proficiency with technology by integrating different media into their lessons.

The textbook underscores and capitalizes on the connection of reading and writing by explaining how they work together both as a process and a product.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop their abilities in both skills through lessons that cater to different learning needs and styles.

This textbook is an invaluable resource for both teachers and students, aimed at strengthening critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by placing the understanding of students' backgrounds and the contexts they find themselves in at the heart of effective communication in English.

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