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QUBO Growing Kit: Thai Basil - Learning Plus PH

QUBO Growing Kit: Thai Basil

  • ₱250.00

Qubo is a local brand of DIY garden kit that provides a delightfully convenient gardening experience by fitting all the components one needs to create their very own edible herb garden in one elegantly packaged box.

Each DIY garden kit comes with your chosen seeds, cocopot, potting mix, pebbles, organic fertilizer, an instruction manual and a specific plant card to make your gardening experience an easy and hassle-free one.

Thai Basil, colloquially known as Bai Horapa in Thailand, is a variety of sweet basil known for anise and licorice-like scent and taste. It is characterized by its small, narrow serrated leaves on a purple stem with purple ¡owers.

Botanical Name Ocimum basilicum var. thyrsi¡ora
Growth Cycle Annual
Light Requirement At Least 6 Hours a Day
Germination 5-10 Days
Maturity 80 Days
Harvest 40-70 Days

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