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Pride and Prejudice - Study Guide - Learning Plus PH

Pride and Prejudice - Study Guide

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Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

Elizabeth Bennett has too much sense to agree to marry the obsequious Mr. Collins, and too much pride to defer to the arrogant Mr. Darcy. Has she sense and humility enough to admit a serious error in judgment?

Novel Study Highlights (6 units)
Spelling-Vocabulary: Difficult
Critical Thinking: Medium
Biblical Focus: Pride, foolishness

Related Studies: England, French Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, marriage, satires
Enrichment/Writing Focus: Writing a research paper, character studies, summarizing

  • Appeals to Auditory Learners (medium)
  • Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (medium)
  • Low Preparation Time
  • With Tests & Answer Keys
  • For Multi-level Use

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