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Practical Research 2 Set (TB+TM)

Practical Research 2 Set (TB+TM)

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Hones students' scientific or logical thinking.

Develops the HOTS (higher - order thinking Strategies) of students which are: interpretative, critical, integrative and creative thinking

Widens vocabulary through contextual clues and other vocabulary building techniques

Improves researchers' communications skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Makes students' curiosity or interest about their surroundings.

Stresses inquiry or investigative thinking in research.

Discusses the difference between objective ways of doing things in the field of research

Lets students appreciate the influence of these two research terms on each other objectivity and subjectivity on

Gives students' the chance to ponder on or appreciate other peoples' worldvies, feelings and attitudes problem-sloving purposes.

Engages students into collaborative ways of accomplishing something.

Improves students interpersonal skills.

Increases and clarifies students' understanding of the types, approaches, designs, methods, and stages of qualitative research

Helps students gain mastery or in-depth knowledge of the ins and out or characteristics of a qualitative research.

Differentiates the language of research from other means of verbal expressions of ideas.

Instills in students' minds the role of qualitative research in societal growth.

Puts premium on self-discipline.

Table of Contents
Unit I : Nature of Inquiry and Research
Unit II : Identifying the Inquiry and Stating the Problem
Unit III : Learning from Others and Reviewing the Literature
Unit IV : Understanding and Collecting Data Systematically
Unit V : Finding Answers through Data Collection
Unit VI : Reporting and Sharing Findings

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