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Physical Science for Senior High School (Printed Textbook Only)

Physical Science for Senior High School (Printed Textbook Only)

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*This book does not come with a Teacher Manual.

Did You Know - Each chapter begins with key questions and their accompanying sections to help quickly orient students and introduce them to the central ideas of the chapter.

Facts- Each chapter begins with a list of Facts - - a brief description of pertinent, interesting, and user-friendly items regarding concepts and topics to be covered in the chapter.

Preview Questions - A short set of preview questions ask about important topics that will be covered in the following section.

Did you learn? - A short set of questions that reviews what the student should know after reading a section.

Conceptual Question and Answer - Throughout the chapter, these test student comprehension with a Conceptual question, often related to an everyday application, and give the answer, which reinforces the topic of the text.

Highlights - These are an in-depth discussion of pertinent chapter topics and their applications to real-world examples or historical importance.

Confidence Exercises - Following all examples, Confidence Exercises are similar or related exercises that give students an opportunity to test their understanding of the example. Answers are given at the back of the book.

Visual Connections - Each chapter ends with a visual representation of an idea that students must complete with written words to reinforce the connection between a greater concept and its smaller parts.

End-of-the-Chapter Material - For homework assignments or review, end-of0chapter material contains a variety of choices, including: Key Terms with associated Matching Questions; Applying Your Knowledge questions, which involve conceptual and practical applications of material covered in the chapter and everyday topics relevant to the subject matter and challenge the student to apply the concepts learned.

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