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Our World of Reading 1 Textbook - Learning Plus PH

Our World of Reading 1 Textbook

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The Our World of Reading series is a K to 12 compliant literature-based program that incorporates many facets of instructions in line with current perspectives in reading education. It features great children’s literature that touches the heart and introduces children to a lifetime of reading and elicits high praise from adults and children. It also meets the reader’s needs and growth levels, stimulates thought and imagination, and even carries an important message to the readers. The Our World of Reading program has selections of great variety. It offers a world of knowledge and experiences. It also introduces the reader to great authors, contributes to a reader’s cultural literacy, and develops a life-long love for reading.Â

The Workbooks have worksheets for skills practice and response activities designed to accompany lessons in Our World of Reading series. The skills include decoding and word study, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

These worksheets should be used hand in hand with the student text, as part of the integrated read ­ing lesson. The skills worksheets are designed for independent practice.

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