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Octaland 4D+ Cards - Learning Plus PH

Octaland 4D+ Cards

  • ₱520.00

Delivering immersive and creative learning experience with Augmented Reality cards has never been this fun! One pack of Octaland4D+ Occupation Series contains A-Z alphabetical characters, from Albert the Astronaut till Zac the Zookeeper. Get the cards, download the Octaland4D+ App from App Store or Google Play Store, scan and start the magic!

Octaland is a hidden world created by Octagon Studio with a little touch of magic. The land is ruled by Kaz the Knowledgeable King. The people of Octaland, called Octanians, were transported from the real world to Octaland. Everyone can access through portals in various parts of the world. This virtual world is created by bringing flashcards together.

To activate the Octanians, users are requested to fill a serial number from the instructions card, therefore one serial number is applied for only three devices. After filling up the serial number, you must scan the cards using Octaland4D+ App to meet the Octanians from A-Z.

The Octaland4D+ Occupation Cards is the first in a series of Octaland products. The Octaland flashcards series has people, houses, vehicles and other AR magic. Exciting theme song will be played automatically when you open the app to mount up your mood while playing with Octanians. Octaland4D+ Occupation is available on Google Play and App Store for free. Octaland will incorporate educational activities to bring the fun of learning to every user, young or old.

*This set does not include the Colour Me 4D coloring book.

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