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MAPEH in Action 7 Set (TB, TM)

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Core Benefit

  • Allows students to discover, apply, and develop self knowledge through concepts and activities in Music, Arts, PE and Health in a varied and interactive way.

Salient features

  • Uses high-level learning activities for work that requires the six facets of understanding so students learn to go beyond the content.
  • Tackle real problems and issues that have importance to people beyond the classroom
  • Utilizes activities and assessments which improves student's communication and team work skills.
  • Imparts 21st century skills which are digital age literacy and inventive skills.
  • Employs technology strategies and activities to attract students.
  • Contains activities that develop skills in physical activity levels and ensures engagement, motivation and enjoyment.
  • 21st Century Education.
  • Differentiated Instruction (DI).
  • High Level Learning Activities.
  • Assessments-based.
  • Autonomous Learning.
  • Cooperative Learning.
  • Technology Integration
  • Teaching games for Understanding

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