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LIFEPAC Health Quest

  • ₱3,300.00

Hunting for an elementary-level health course? You've found oneLIFEPAC Health Quest is specially created for grades 4-7. This colorful, one-semester course covers topics such as personal hygiene, fitness, exercise techniques, and personal and ecological stewardship. This fun, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum is flexible and biblically based.

Does your elementary-age student understand the importance of healthy living? Do you want to instill healthy habits for a lifetime? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you needLIFEPAC Health Quest for grades 4-7! This fun, colorful elective was created especially for young learners with interesting, easy-to-follow lessons. Divided into five individual worktexts, this bright, informative elective is flexible, self-paced, and perfect for personalized instruction. Valuable, practical topics covered in this Alpha Omega curriculum include physical and mental health, nutrition and food groups, safety, disease prevention, and stewardship. Consistent reviews are also included to ensure student comprehension!

But there's more. LIFEPAC Health Quest comes with a helpful teacher's guide, complete with answer keys. This must-have resource is filled with teaching tips and ideas, lesson objectives, and additional enriching activities. Teaching self-discipline, LIFEPAC allows your child to learn independently with confidence. And motivating worktexts come as five individual booklets so your child won't be intimidated by a large textbook. Don't forget to include this health elective in your student's coursesafter all, your child's body is just as important as his mind.

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