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LIFEPAC 8th Grade Bible Set

  • ₱4,790.00

Your child will enjoy studying practical Christianity and church history with LIFEPAC. In the LIFEPAC 8th Grade Bible Set your child will study a number of important Bible themes. Using a worktext format, this Alpha Omega curriculum presents lessons on prayer, sin and salvation, God's love and justice, church history, Proverbs, God's will, the role of parents and children, and more.

This set comes with 10 Worktext units, an easy-to-follow teacher's guide that provides instructional notes for each unit, a complete answer key, and information about supplemental materials and activities. The additional material included in the teacher's guide will help you create opportunities for individualization of the program according to your child's specific needs.

  • Appeals to Visual Learners (medium)
  • Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (medium)
  • Low Preparation Time
  • With Tests & Answer Keys
  • With Teacher's Guide

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