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LIFEPAC 7th Grade Language Arts Set

  • ₱6,920.00

The LIFEPAC 7th Grade Language Arts Set is a student-directed Alpha Omega curriculum which uses an integrated approach. We've included lessons in grammar, spelling, vocabulary, literature, speech, and more. Language proficiency is the focus, but this approach will also help to develop critical thinking and academic independence in your child.

The seventh grade language course includes practice in handwriting skills as well as instruction in word usage, language structure, story telling, biographies, sentence structure, nonfiction literature, composition, spoken language, and much more.

This set comes with 10 Worktext units, an easy-to-follow teacher's guide that provides in-depth instructions for teaching each lesson, a complete answer key, and information about supplemental materials and activities.

  • Appeals to Visual Learners (medium)
  • Low Preparation Time
  • With Tests & Answer Keys
  • With Teacher's Guide

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