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LIFEPAC 12th Grade Science Set

  • ₱4,790.00

The LIFEPAC Physics Set is a challenging student-driven science course focused on the study of the laws of physics. In this engaging worktext-based Alpha Omega curriculum, your child will learn about physics topics such as kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, waves, light, electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics, and much more.

This set comes with 10 Worktext units, an easy-to-follow teacher's guide that provides general teaching resources, step-by-step teaching instructions, answer keys, alternate tests, equipment lists, and lists of additional homeschool resources, activities, and experiments.

  • Appeals to Visual Learners (medium)
  • Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (medium)
  • Medium Preparation Time
  • With Tests & Answer Keys
  • With Teacher's Guide

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