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Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 (Bundled with required reading: The 10 Minute Bible Journey)

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Language Lessons for a Living Education 6 is a Charlotte Masonflavored approach to elementary language arts. Enjoy a fun and effective language arts program for your elementary student. Students move beyond pages of text and memorization to make real-world connections. This exciting new series will help guide your young learner toward mastery of reading, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as the mechanics of communication and writing. Utilizing observation and reading comprehension through poems, stories, and real books as the foundation, your student will continue to build paragraph writing skills.


A fast-paced, apologetics-infused synopsis of God Word!

Study 52 accounts that weave the chronological, gospel-centered storyline of the most strategic and amazing events from Creation to Heaven. Filled with vibrant, full-color images, an illustrated fold-out timeline, and exciting faith factsthat confirm the Bible is true, this book is designed to help Christians of all ages spring to a new level in their understanding of God Word and their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Includes a 2½ foot fold-out timeline that integrates the events from each chapter and a chronology based on James Ussher calculations into a comprehensive overview from Creation to the present day

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