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Exploring Creation: Botany Notebooking Journal - Learning Plus PH

Exploring Creation: Botany Notebooking Journal

  • ₱1,440.00

The activities in this notebooking journal provide everything your child needs to complete the assignments in Exploring Creation with Botany. In addition to a suggested lesson schedule, it serves as your child's individual notebook and provides a place for them to complete every assignment, record their experiments, and display their work. A variety of activities include full-color mini-books, additional fun experiments, crosswords, and supplementary materials. Recommended for use with students who have mastered handwriting, can take notes, and enjoy upper elementary level activities.


  •  Appeals to Visual Learners (high)
  •   Appeals to Auditory Learners (medium)
  •  Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (high)
  •  Medium Preparation Time
  •  With Tests & Answer Keys
  •  Involves the Use of Technology
  •  For Multi-Level

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