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Entrepreneurship - TM

Entrepreneurship - TM

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Entrepreneurship is designed for Grades 11 and 12 Senior High School based on the Department of Education's K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum. This book can also be used by tertiary schools offering a degree or course in Entrepreneurship. It introduces the learners to the key concepts and underlying principles of entrepreneurship while understanding and developing the core competencies required of an entrepreneur. It also seeks to uncover the innate entrepreneurial abilities of the learners and hone their skills and good judgment in finding opportunities amidst crises and turn them into profitable entrepreneurial ventures.

This reference book presents key entrepreneurial concepts that learners can easily follow and possibly apply at home, in school, and practically everywhere they go. Aided with the appropriate tools and techniques, learners are ushered to explore possibilities outside the employed world - being entrepreneurs. This is in line with the curriculum's goal of Gearing Up for the Future (Senior High School) where students get to choose a specialization based on their aptitude and interests. In addition, it seeks to contribute to the realization of the K to 12 Basic Education Program's outcome of producing holistically developed learners who have 21st-century skills. More particularly, the author developed this book to promote entrepreneurship and stir up the entrepreneurial spirit

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