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Empowerment Technologies - TB

Empowerment Technologies - TB

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Real-Life Application -- exposes the learners with activities that simulate real-world contexts. Activities that are based on local culture, history, and reality are related to the everyday life of a Filipino High School student.

Framework for 21st Century Learning -- expands the learning experience of learners to 7e learning cycle and REM model. The learning experiences give the learners opportunities to improve collaboration and communication skills, experimentation skills, and exploration to discover results on their own. These opportunities provides a platform for learners to develop 21st-century competencies.

Career and Professional Development -- ensures alignment of content to the DepEd and TESDA curricula which will equip the learners with information, media, and technology skills, learning and innovation skills, effective communication skills, and life and career skills.

Integrative Learning -- Connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences. Makes connections across curricula while mastering the technical skills.

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