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Early Beginnings: Math Pre-K2 Set (TB, TM)

  • ₱1,329.00

Early Beginnings: Math is a series especially crafted for young learners to experience, explore, and discover fun ways to develop sense of numbers and related operations through confidence-boosting and age-appropriate practical exercises that foster creativity, physical activity, problem solving, critical thinking, collaborative learning and self expression. 

The series addresses the specific preschoolers' need for skills in Math, namely: recognizing attributes of objects from the environment, arranging objects based on attributes, developing sense quantity and numeral relations, recognizing different shapes and measurement, and organizing data. These skills are accomplished across topics covering other subject areas like reading, language, writing, science, civics, music and the arts.

To top it all, the series provides opportunities to develop positive attitudes and values expected of Filipino learners though healthy, safe, engaged, supported, challenged and sustained learning environment.

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