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BJU Writing & Grammar 10 Student Worktext (3rd ed.) (PH) - Learning Plus PH

BJU Writing & Grammar 10 Student Worktext (3rd ed.)

  • ₱1,340.00

Writing & Grammar 10 (3rd ed.) teaches the eight parts of speech, verbal phrases, clauses (including noun clauses), usage, and mechanics of English grammar. The English educational materials reviews the five basic sentence patterns. Reference chapters include library skills and test-taking strategies. The textbook leads students through the writing process and teaches writing strategies such as sentence expansion and reduction, coordination and subordination, and parallelism. Writing projects include a persuasive speech, editorial, eyewitness report, research essay, cause-and-effect essay, short stories, poetry and metaphor, and webpage design.

  • Edition - 3rd (locally printed with permission)
  • Item Code - 233528

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