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BJU Science 3 Set (Student Text, Activity Manual)

  • ₱3,007.00

The Science 3 Student Text provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, diagrams, and charts, as well as annotated photographs and illustrations. Special interest boxes occur throughout the book and Quick Check sections are included in all text lessons. The Student Text also contains instructions for experiments, activities, and projects. The last page of each chapter provides key terms and concepts as well a brief writing exercise that applies higher-level thinking skills. A glossary and index are located at the end of the book.

The Activity Manual provides a variety of pages to aid the student's understanding. Study Guides provide a systematic review of concepts for mastery. Chapter Review pages guide the student as he prepares for the test. Pages for recording information for Activity lessons reinforce scientific methods. Preview, Reinforcement, Bible Integration, Measurement, and Expansion pages are also included. 

*Student Texts and Activity Manuals are Philippine-printed editions.

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