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BJU Phonics and English 1 e-Teacher's Edition (4th Edition)

BJU Phonics and English 1 e-Teacher's Edition (4th Edition)

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This online version of BJU Press' Phonics and English 1 Teacher's Edition, 4th ed. 2 vols includes 180 lessons in six units. Each unit begins with a biblical worldview shaping lesson on one or more of the four language skills. Many lessons include a speaking or listening activity that will create interest in the lesson. Phonics instruction begins with a review that transitions into various activities including phonemic awareness training, word building, word family review, words in the context of sentences, and practice with high-frequency words. English instruction develops grammar and sentence structure skills, strengthening the student's ability to communicate accurately and clearly. Each series of writing lessons guides the student through the five steps of the writing process, gradually releasing responsibility for those steps to the student.

Note: This is NOT a physical product.

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