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BJU Math 6 e-Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)

BJU Math 6 e-Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)

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This online version of the teacher's guide accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Math Student Text, Grade 6, 3rd Edition. Reduced-size student pages have the correct answers overlaid in 1/4 of the two-page spread. A page and a half are devoted to lesson notes, including objectives, specific teacher materials needed, teacher preparation for the lesson, notes, how to introduce the lesson, and the lesson itself. Semi-scripted lessons include questions to ask students are in blue, with the correct answer in pink; directions for what to explain, display, distribute, or other teacher actions are printed in black. Story problems are set off in specific boxes for easy reference. New units have a story to introduce them, as well as a sequence for the unit's lessons' topics, objectives, and materials.

The included Teacher's Toolkit provides application pages, assessment pages, calculator activities, review pages and review page answer keys, fun fact activities, fact review, a handbook, instructional aids, math facts, solutions, student text answer keys, teaching visuals, and more.

Note: This is NOT a physical product and NO CD.

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