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BJU Geometry Student Text (3rd ed.)

BJU Geometry Student Text (3rd ed.)

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Geometry (3rd ed.)Â is a traditional geometry text, requiring the students to prove theorems. Different colors and shading are used to distinguish among postulates, definitions, theorems, and constructions. Exercises seek to develop problem solving skills and reinforce the geometry concepts covered in each lesson. The educational materials is biblically based throughout and contains one feature section per chapter on Geometry and Scripture. Dominion Thru Math exercises, scattered through each chapter, relate to the chapter openers, and offer the opportunity for students to use technology in problem solving. Analytic Geometry helps students to make the algebra-geometry connection in each chapter. Geometry Around Us reveals some of geometry's secret hideouts. Mind over Math brain teasers are included. Geometry Through History introduces students to the achievements of mathematicians of the past.

  • Edition - 3rd ed. (locally printed with permission)
  • Item Code - 281592

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