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BJU DLO Curriculum Bundle / Grade 7 / DepEd

BJU DLO Curriculum Bundle / Grade 7 / DepEd

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About Distance Learning Online

Distance Learning Online is homeschooling made easy. When you enroll your child in BJU Press’s online Distance Learning program, he can learn anytime, anywhere. All he needs is a computer and a high-speed internet connection, and he is ready to go. The student login allows access to engaging video lessons taught by expert teachers, online assessments (grades 5–12), progress-tracking features, and more. The best part is although you as a parent can log in and view your child’s progress and grades at any time, you are free to keep up with the rest of life.



Grade 7


  • Writing & Grammar 7 focuses on the eight parts of speech, while Explorations in Literature teaches a biblical perspective on six unit themes: courage, nature and man, generosity, our land, humility, and family.
  • Earth Science In Earth Science contrasting worldviews are presented to affirm the young-earth creationist view of the earth and our universe. Your student will embark on a journey of discovery as he studies geology, rocks and minerals, fossils, oceanography, rivers and lakes, the atmosphere, weather, astronomy, and more.
  • Bible 7 Bible Truths A: Learning from the Life of Christ covers our Lord’s earthly life and ministry. Your student will be inspired by the example of Christ’s own life experiences and the way He dealt with both friends and enemies. In addition, many other valuable lessons will be drawn from Christ’s sermons, miracles, and parables.
  • Vocabulary Vocabulary: Level A introduces seventh graders to etymology as a means of discovering the meanings of words. Students study Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes to learn recognition of word families. Students also study synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms as well as positive and negative context clues to determine word meaning.
  • Pre-Algebra Mr. Bill Harmon encourages his students to learn more about the Lord as they are learning math. Pre-Algebra reviews many of the concepts introduced in Fundamentals of Math, expanding on those concepts and preparing students for Algebra 1. Math-Splaining segments help illustrate hard math concepts for the students. Mr. Harmon’s goal is to present simple explanations with real-life examples of complicated concepts so that his students can enjoy math.

What's Included

When you purchase the Grade 7 Distance Learning Online Kit, you receive:

Online Teachers Materials, Teaching Videos w/ Mom's Minutes, Answer Keys and Printables

Comes with printed Student Worktext.


For DepEd Accreditation comes with Local books


Kalinanngan 7 (TB)

Philippine History: A Quest for Freedom, Identity & Progress

Breaking Through Science 7 (TB)

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