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BJU Algebra 2 e-Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)

BJU Algebra 2 e-Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)

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This ONLINE VERSION of teacher's guide accompanies BJU Press' sold-separately Algebra 2 Student Text, 3rd Edition. Higher-level math can be intimidating for homeschooling parents to teach. BJU Press' comprehensive teacher's guides, however, can take away some of that anxiety with thorough, pre-prepared lesson plans! This teacher's edition provides lesson guidance, notes on common student errors, interactive activities, motivational ideas, additional problems, and more.

Reduced-size student pages are provided, and are surrounded in the margins by teacher notes, objectives, vocabulary, step by step lesson instruction, additional problems, and more. Units open with an overview as well as presentation instructions that include biblical links. Includes PDF files of visuals, projection-ready answers (PDFs with answers to student exercises), activities organized by chapter, resources, and Mathardy review game. 2 volumes, 746 pages.

Note: This is NOT a physical product.

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