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LIFEPAC 11th Grade Math Set

  • ₱4,400.00

Designed to follow Algebra I and Geometry, the LIFEPAC Algebra II Set provides instruction in Algebra II. Ten engaging worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum provide mastery-based instruction in intermediate algebraic skills such as: algebraic sentences, linear equations, quadratic formulas, exponential and logarithmic functions, permutations, and probability.

This set comes with 10 Worktext units, an easy-to-follow teacher's guide that step-by-step teaching instructions for every page of the program, a complete answer key, and lots of ideas for additional activities designed to reinforce important math concepts.

  •  Appeals to Visual Learners (medium)
  •  Appeals to Kinesthetic Learners (medium)
  •  Low Preparation Time
  •  With Tests & Answer Keys
  •  With Teacher's Guide

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