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BJU DLO Curriculum Bundle us ACCREDITATION

1. United States History traces American history from the time of European discovery to the 2000 election. 

2. Writing & Grammar 11 reviews the writing process—planning, drafting, revising, and publishing.American Literature enlightens your high-schooler through the chronological study of American literature from the 1600s to the present, focusing on four major literary periods: early American, Romantic, Realistic, and Modern. 

3. Algebra 2 reviews and expands concepts learned for graphing and solving linear and quadratic equations.Chemistry focuses on the composition and structure of atoms. Students will learn about chemical structures, bonding, the names of substances and their formulas, and chemical equations. 

4. Vocabulary Vocabulary: Level E introduces some of the ways English acquires words such as allusions, coining, back-formation, folk etymology, and borrowing words from other languages. Vocabulary activities such as word games and puzzles help students retain the vocabulary they have learned. 

5. Bible 11 includes the following 3 mini courses.The Way of the Word teaches methods of Bible study, including principles of interpretation and application. It includes exercises that study a passage according to genre and context and that apply Scripture to contemporary situations.What is Truth? contrasts the Christian worldview with the basic tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, secular humanism, and postmodernism. Beyond the Sun presents an expositional view of Ecclesiastes, revealing God's perspective on the meaning of life in a fallen world.

What's Included

When you purchase the Grade 11 Distance Learning Online Kit, you receive:Online Teachers Materials, Teaching Videos w/ Mom's Minutes, Answer Keys and Printables comes with printed Student Worktext.