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Math World 10 Set (TB, TM)

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Math World is part of a secondary math textbook series that focuses on the core content areas in the K-12 Curriculum. Each book progressively guides the students in mastering the fundamental mathematical tools that develop logical thinking, leading to greater success in higher-level math. Each chapter of this book opens with a presentation of a real-life application of concepts discussed in the chapter. At the end of the chapter, aword problem in the context of such application is presented to help you gain an appreciation of the practical uses of the knowledge and skills that you have learned. The components of the lessons in this book are as follows:

  • Explore and Learn - unlocks difficulties by defining and explaining key concepts that students will encounter in each lesson. Various examples and illustrations are provided to address key mathematical variations.
  • Check Your Progress - provides opportunities for students to apply learned skills by answering problems independently.
  • You Can Do This! - aides in the mastery of lessons by providing numerous exercises and problem solving items.
  • Chapter Review - helps in the retention of concepts by providing a quick summary of important terms, concepts, and formulas learned in each chapter. Each chapter also ends with Chapter Test to assess the students' mastery of the lessons.
Start exploring and enjoy learning mathematics in Math World!


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