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KooBits ProblemSums - Online Math Enrichment

  • ₱1,200.00

  • KooBits is recommended for children grades 1-6.
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What is KooBits Problemsums?

It is widely described by parents as the "Library for Math"! Because on KooBits, you have all the Math Resources (from video tutorials to practice items)!

On KooBits, maths is more than just numbers.

With interactive and engaging activities, and real-world scenarios games, KooBits brings motivation, interest and fun back to children - like Minecraft for Math!

On KooBits, math lessons come alive with video tutorials.

Parents can now guide their children more effectively using more than 700+ VIDEO LESSONS and more than 100k++ practice items!


With KooBits, you get ...

  • An individualised self-paced learning tool
  • A dynamic system for providing children with initial help
  • Individual data reports for all skills of your child
  • Detailed intelligence for doing targeted interventions
  • A platform that helps you bond more with your child and gives you all the resources (video tutorials, practice items, games and many more..!) you would ever need!

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