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MOTIVATE!: 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting

MOTIVATE!: 8 Secrets of Successful Parenting

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Author: Peter Tan-Chi, Deonna Tan-Chi

A book on Biblical Parenting arranged using the acronym “MOTIVATE!”, the Tan-Chis set out their approach to parenting drawing from and relying on EIGHT biblical principles. 

The Tan-Chi’s teaching is enriched with anecdotes drawn from many sources including their experience as parents, and the book contains personal stories contributed by their children.

Chapters include:

  • MODELLING the Christian lifestyle,
  • OPEN Communication,
  • the importance of TIME, 
  • consciously building INTIMACY with your children
  • VISION (that gives Direction and Purpose), 
  • TEACHING and TRAINING biblical principles to your children (Obedience and Intentionality), and 
  • ENTRUSTING them to God.

Appendixes include:

  • Evidences for the Authenticity of the Bible, 
  • Recommended Resources on Parenting, and 
  • Connecting your Child with Jesus.

"Many parents have been searching for a book like this. It contains eight tried and tested principles on raising respectful and obedient children who we trust will grow up loving and serving the Lord.

  • It's Biblical - the principles and teaching are from the Word of God.
  • It's practical and down-to-earth - it draws from the life experience of Peter and Deonna, their children...and their grandchildren.
  • It's transformational - these principles changed lives of Peter and Deonna and their family, and they will change the life of your family too."

Bishop Efraim Tendero
Secretary-General of the World Evangelical Alliance

"Whenever I am asked to recommend an expert on parenting, I've always pointed to Pastor Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi."

Edmund Chan
Global Alliance of Intentional Disciplemaking Churches

"I have always maintained that seminars and trainings are best facilitated by practitioners and not just theorists. The same with parenting books. Peter and Deonna have raised their family well, and their children are proof that their parenting skills are effective."

Francis J. Kong
Author, Business Consultant and Inspirational Speaker

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